Diagnostic Criteria of pathological gambling for the prevention of compulsive gambling or gambling addiction.

Ludopaty Prevention

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Ludopaty Prevention

Diagnostic criteria of the pathological game

American Psychiatric Association, 1995

Behavior of game desadaptativo, persistent and appellant, caraterizado at least for five (or more) of the following symptoms:

  • Worry for the game (For example, worry for re-living through experiences spent from game, compensating advantages between competitors or planning next adventure, or to think ways of obtaining money with which to play).

  • Need to play with increasing quantities of money to obtain the degree of excitement wished.

  • Failure repeated of the efforts to control, to interrupt or to stop the game.

  • Restlessness or irritability when you trie to interrupt or to stop the game.

  • The game is in use as strategy for escaping of the problems or for relieving the disforia (For example, feelings of hopelessness, fault, anxiety, depression).

  • After losing money in the game, you turn another day to try to recover it (trying to hunt the own losses).

  • One cheats the members of the family, therapists or other persons to conceal the degree of implication with the game.

  • Illegal acts are committed, as falsification, fraud, theft or confidence abuse to finance the game.

  • They have risked or lost interpersonal significant relations, work and educational or professional opportunities due to the game.

  • He entrusts in that the others provide money that relieves the desperate financial situation caused by the game.


The addiction to the game or Ludopaty...

"It is an addictive disease in which the subject is pushed by an overwhelming and uncontrollable impulse of playing. The impulse persists and progresses in intensity and urgency, consuming increasingly time, energy and emotional and material resources which the individual has. Finally, it(he,she) invades, undermines and often it destroys everything what is significant in the life of the person".

If after reading these lines you haveidentified a problem related to the addiction to the game, you can call the Telephone of the Player..

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